Exhaust & Muffler Replacements

Muffler or exhaust need replacing? The experienced mechanics and exhaust technicians at Ipswich Muffler & Mechanical Shop provide a full range of exhaust services for all makes and models using parts from CarLine Mufflers and other industry-leading brands. Whether you need exhaust repairs or a muffler replacement, we have you covered.

Exhaust system need attention?

Most exhaust system problems are easily diagnosed with a visual check and by listening out for strange sounds from underneath your car. Rust is usually to blame for exhaust system damage, but as with any system it also suffers from wear and tear, and can also sustain damage from speed bumps, potholes and bumps in the road.

If the muffler is rusted through or there are cracks or holes in any section of the exhaust from the engine to the tailpipe, it’s time to have your muffler or exhaust system replaced. Additional signs which indicate exhaust system problems include:

  • Excessive engine noise
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Decreased engine power and acceleration
  • Burning smells from engine or underneath car

Whatever the issue, our experienced mechanics can identify the problem and advise of the repairs and/or part replacements required. As members of Carline Automotive & Exhaust group, all work and replacement parts are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Mechanical Repairs Ipswich Trusts

  • Locally owned and operated — Established in Ipswich in 1974
  • All mechanical repairs — Brakes & clutch, suspension & more
  • Members of Carline Automotive & Exhaust group
  • All work backed by industry-leading warranties
  • Log book servicing — All makes and models
  • Custom & performance exhaust systems
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