Bullbars protect vehicles and save lives. As the leading provider of aftermarket bullbars in the Ipswich area, Ipswich Muffler & Mechanical Shop stocks an extensive range of ADR-compliant aftermarket bullbars for all makes and models.

Why install a bullbar?

The main bullbar application is to protect the front of a vehicle from collisions, usually with large animals, such as kangaroos, boars and livestock, and protecting the driver and passengers within the vehicle. Additional bullbar applications include increasing the approach angle of 4x4s in tough terrain, serving as a winch and accessory mount point, and general offroad protection.

Bullbars are a heavy accessory that can affect the way your 4×4 handles and performs, so it’s important to choose the right bullbar for your vehicle and the applications you use it for. As leading bullbar specialists, we can advise you on your needs and help you choose the right aftermarket bullbar for your 4×4 or SUV.

Why buy an aftermarket bullbar?

Genuine bullbars tend to be far more expensive than aftermarket bullbars, so the most common reason for buying an aftermarket bull bar is the price. However, the availability of unique designs and the comparative quality have made aftermarket bullbars extremely popular among 4×4 enthusiasts. Need an aftermarket bullbar? Head to Ipswich Muffler & Mechanical Shop where we have an extensive selection of ADR-compliant bullbars in stock.

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