Brakes & Clutches

Brakes not performing as they should? Clutch slipping out of gear? Don’t take unnecessary chances, head to the brake and clutch specialists at Ipswich Muffler & Mechanical Shop. We provide expert brake and clutch services to keep you safe on the road.

Quality brakes help you stay safe on the road

The most critical safety feature on your car, your brakes enable you to slow down, stop and keep the vehicle stationary when parked. The brake system is comprised of a number of components, including brake pads, discs, calipers and shoes, and must be checked regularly to ensure these components aren’t in need of repairs or replacement.

At Ipswich Muffler & Mechanical Shop, we provide a full range of brake services for all makes and models. When we service your car, our mechanics check the front and rear brakes, brake fluid, hydraulic components, brake lights and handbrake, and conduct a road test to check braking performance. Before replacing any damaged components, we’ll provide you with a quote so you know exactly what your car needs to keep you safe and how much it will cost. Along with comprehensive brake servicing, bring your car to us for:

  • Brake pad and shoe replacements
  • ABS diagnostics and repairs
  • Disc and drum machining
  • Brake calliper overhauls
  • Brake safety checks
  • And more

As part of a service, our mechanics will also inspect your clutch system, inspecting all components, clutch fluid level and replacing/topping up if necessary, replace any damaged components (after providing you with a quote) and road test it to ensure it’s working correctly. You should also bring your car in for an inspection if there appears to be a problem with your clutch, such as:

  • Problems controlling gears or slipping gears
  • Clutch pedal sinks to the floor or is spongy
  • Noises when changing gears
  • Low frequency vibration

Mechanical Repairs Ipswich Trusts

  • Locally owned and operated — Established in Ipswich in 1974
  • All mechanical repairs — Brakes & clutch, suspension & more
  • Members of Carline Automotive & Exhaust group
  • All work backed by industry-leading warranties
  • Log book servicing — All makes and models
  • Custom & performance exhaust systems
  • Free local pickup and delivery service

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